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1. Any dance category ( such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, etc.) can apply, no time limits; 2. Solo, Duet/Trio, Small Group, Large Group, or any division can apply; 3. All music & videos must be cut, edited and of the correct pitch, also please prepare a costume; 4. Please mark the choreographer and your dance studio information; 5. All entries must be paid in full ($25/performer entry fee)and submit your dance video before they will be processed.; 6.No refunds will be issued for any reason; 7.By signing this entry form, all registered contestants do hereby grant permission to Athena Art Awards and Athena Culture Education Foundation to publish their photographs on local television, national television, promotional videos, the web, or in any other publication, to promote its competitions and awards. Furthermore, we hereby release all directors, officers, or representatives of this competition awards from any and all claims for damages or injuries sustained while participating in any activity related to this competition awards.
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