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Athena Art Awards was founded by Athena Culture Education Foundation to recognize outstanding individuals who are passionate about arts in their community. Athena Art Awards encourages and helps those who love arts and culture through providing opportunities for all regardless of race, language, ethnicity, or location. Through these opportunities, Athena Art Awards hopes to inspire and encourage people to discover, pursue, and continuously improve in their journey to reach their goals.


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17 September, 2020

The global spread of COVID-19 is changing the world in significant and irreversible ways. The covid-19 outbreak and the stay-at-home order that goes with it have many people feeling like they’re living in a film. We invite you to write a short film screenplay that envisions a world in COVID-19 outbreak and use the COVID-19 pandemic as inspiration to make your own COVID-19 themed short films. . What have we learned from this pandemic? What’s your stories in this COVID-19 outbreak? How will we change our lives? Can we stay positive and find joy among the angst and isolation?

30 september, 2020

Our vision with providing this NEW educational virtual dance experience is for dancers to stay INSPIRED, stay positive, stay connected, continue to grow and KEEP ON DANCING! Our mission is simple: We are devoted to offering valuable feedback and well- rounded critiques that will motivate, inspire and educate dancers. Our goal is for dancers to leave our virtual experience having learned something valuable to further their dance education. 

We invite you to join us online and experience virtual competition! we can’t wait to be inspired!